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People who fit don’t seek. The seekers are those that don’t fit. Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. ORBIS Training Committe can bring you back the right one.


All PUMS PhD students and employers wishing to partake in ORBIS Project as secondees are cordially invited to attend the briefing, held by the Project Coordinator and the Training Committee. The briefing will take place on Tuesday, the 5th of February 2019 at 6 pm at 6 Grunwaldzka Street (Hrynakowski Room).

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Visit at The Department of Pharmaceutics of Ernst Mario School of Pharmacy

An exciting meeting and discussion of Prof. Janina Lulek (ORBIS Chair) from Poznan University of Medical Sciences (in the middle) with Rutgers University scientists Dr. Tamara Minko (on the left) and Dr. Guofenk You (on the right), Distinguished Professors from The Department of Pharmaceutics of Ernst Mario School of Pharmacy opened new research areas for future secondees implementing WP1-WP3 of #ORBISproject at Rutgers University.

Bioequivalence and The Great Wave

Dr. Piotr Rudzki from Pharmaceutical Research Institute presented the topic "Bioequivalence and The Great Wave " to members and guests of ISPE student chapter at Poznan University of Medical Sciences.

ORBIS project at Warsaw International Medical Congress of Young Scientists 

Elzbieta Gniazdowska and Piotr Rudzki have shared the ORBIS Project story with participants of Pharmacy Session at 14th WIMC (Warsaw International Medical Congress for Young Scientists). More about this event at our ResearchGate profile.

ORBIS project and ISPE Poznan

Prof. Janina Lulek presented ORBIS project objectives to members of ISPE Poznan Student Chapter at Poznan University of Medical Sciences.

ORBIS project Kickoff Meeting

ORBIS Project Kickoff Meeting (12-13.04.18) was very prolific! Thank you once again Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Trinity College Dublin, APC Ltd, University of Helsinki, Physiolution GmbH, Zentiva & Farmak JSC for visiting Poznan University of Medical Sciences. We are very glad and deeply honored that honorary Vice Consul of Ireland Krzysztof Schramm together with Prof. Jaroslaw Walkowiak, Vice-President of PUMS, Prof. Michal Nowicki Vice-President of PUMS and Prof. Tomasz Goslinski Vice Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy PUMS have joined us during ORBIS Project Kickoff Meeting. Photo from this event are available in photo section of our Facebook profile.

ORBIS Project launch

ORBIS Project was launched today and aims to improve the preclinical pathway of medicine development focusing on processes and technologies. The goal is to integrate multidisciplinary research by involving academia and industry from EU (Poland, Ireland, Finland, Germany and the Czech Republic), EU associated country (Ukraine) and the USA. Beneficiaries and partners of the ORBIS Project include Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PL), Pharmaceutical Research Institute (PL), Trinity College Dublin (IRL), APC Ltd (IRL), University of Helsinki (FIN), Physiolution GmbH (GER), Zentiva (CZ), Farmak JSC (UA) and Rutgers University (US). Kickoff meeting of ORBIS Project will be held in Poznan University of Medical Sciences Main Library and Conference Centre from 12th to 13th April 2018 in Poznan.